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Conference on Attochemistry (Ateneo de Madrid)

Fernando Martin will give a talk about recent technological advances that have led to the production of attosecond lasers and first applications, both theoretical and experimental, to study the motion of electrons in atoms and molecules, with special emphasis on those that have been developed within the frame of XCHEM project at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

The Conference will be directed to any kind of audiences.

More details here: http://www.ateneodemadrid.com/index.php/esl/El-Ateneo/Organizacion-Interna/Secciones/Seccion-de-Ciencia-y-Tecnologia

Abstract: [Download]

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Fernando Martin’s lecture at Official ITAMP YouTube Channel

Fernando Martin’s lecture “A molecular interferometer to decode electron and nuclear dynamics in attosecond XUV pump-probe spectroscopy”, during the workshop of “Ultrafast atomic and molecular physics with cutting-edge light sources: New opportunities and challenges“,  joint with the Institute for Theoretical, Atomic and Molecular and Optical Physics, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Massachusetts at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas on November 4-6. 2013, can be watched at the Official ITAMP YouTube Channel.

Watch the talk




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Conference in Attochemistry by Fernando Martín

Fernando Martin has been invited to give a talk on “Attochemistry: filming the movement of electrons” at the Spanish Royal Academy of Physical and Natural Sciences” on May 22nd, 2013.

More information here: http://www.rac.es/7/7_1_1.php?id=107&i=1

Conference Invitation

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