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The coreography of helium electrons

Upon publication of the results on the concerted motion of the two helium electrons (see Nature, 516, 374-378, 2014; doi:10.1038/nature14026), co-authored by the XChem team members L. Argenti and F. Martín, a mention to the results has been published, among others, in the following media:

Institutional web sites (Max Planck Gesellschaft, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, IMDEA-Nanociencia, or the website dedicated to Higher Education in Madrid) scientific news Agencies (SINC, Madrimasd) and other agencies (europapress), National Newspapers (El País-Materia), Spanish Royal Society of Physics (January 2015 Newsletter), National Radio (Radio5-RNE), various scientific blogs and digital media (La quimica y la ciencia, Noticias de la ciencia, Tendencias21, FisicaHoy, ScienceNewsLine), and scientific networks (COST Action CM1204). Other news articles citing the article can be checked at the publisher’s web site.


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