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Opening ceremony of UAM-Fujitsu cooperation agreement

Today , March 17, 2014 , it took place the opening ceremony of  UAM-Fujitsu cooperation agreement at the Faculty of Sciences of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

The Autonomous University of Madrid signed last January 17 a cooperation agreement with Fujitsu to promote research and teaching in Scientific Computing and Big Data. The activities framed within this agreement have been officially opened today with a meeting between the major representatives of the Autonomous University of Madrid and nearby Research Institutes, other Universities in Madrid and the company Fujitsu .
Dr. Shigeru Sasaki , Vice President of Fujitsu Laboratories , showed the audience the latest advances and research lines that are currently under development to solve the problems affecting society from the point of view of computing and computer science. Their objective is to provide Fujitsu technology to create an intelligent and friendly society , with people as the center.
Dr. Sasaki stressed the need to develop efficient algorithms to describe real problems with an appropriate resolution and extract useful information from the vast amount of data we are able to store and handle, to solve the real problems of society.
Fujitsu Laboratories can become technological partners of those researchers able to develop algorithms that can provide solutions to the current challenges of society.
The Director and Deputy Director of the cooperation agreement, Fernando Martín and Alberto Luna, pointed out that this agreement should be an open space in which the entire university community can propose activities and projects aimed at both research and teaching in Scientific Computing and Big Data.
The event was attended by the vice-rector for Scientific Policy and Research Infrastructuresand, Rafael Garesse Alarcon, the vice-rector for Scientific Research, Nuria Fernandez Monslave, the exvicerector and promoter of UAM-Fujitsu agreement, José Dorronsoro , the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Jose Maria Carrascosa Baeza, the directors of the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Mathematics , Condensed Matter and IMDEA -Nanoscience , the director and deputy director of the UAM-Fujitsu agreement, various academics and supercomputer users from UAM and Carlos III University, and representatives of the Fujitsu company.

For more information, suggestions for activities or research projects, please, contact with Fernando Martín (‘fernando.’) or Alberto Luna (‘alberto.’)

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Several media – Cooperation agreement UAM-Fujitsu on Scientific Computing and Big Data

Several Media refected the importance of the agreement signed between Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and Fujitsu to foster cooperation in the frame of research and teaching in scientific computing and Big Data (read more)

The press release was published by the University (UAM), it foundation (fUAM) and Fujitsu. Soon after that, the news appeared in the University main page, Digital affaires, El candelero tecnológico, and other. The news Agengy EFE published the announcement and soon it appeared in several digital media ComputerWorld, iProfessional, Ideal.es, DiarioVasco.com, RecursosHumanos-press, Elcorreo.com, LaVanguardia.com, ElEconomista.es, etc, and the local radio (Cadena Ser – Madrid norte)

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Cooperation agreement UAM-Fujitsu on Scientific Computing and Big Data

The Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and Fujitsu have signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of the new “Cátedra de Patrocinio” UAM-Fujitsu in Information Technologies, whose main objective is the promotion of education, research and innovation in Computing Science and Supercomputing, within the specific field of Fujitsu products and technologies

The director of this “Cátedra” will be Fernando Martín García, Professor of Physical Chemistry at UAM and principal investigator of XCHEM project, and the deputy director, Alberto Luna Fernández, director of the Center for Scientific Computing of the University (CC-UAM).

The agreement, signed on January 17, will provide a framework to encourage research on scientific computing and Big Data, with efforts to improve the functioning of the Centre for Scientific Computing. Special emphasis will be placed on training, conducting postgraduate teaching activities related to scientific computing and Big Data, both at doctoral and master’s level and in other specialization diplomas .

Source: UAM, Fujitsu, FUAM

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