The interdisciplinary character of XChem project, which combines challenging achievements in various fields: laser physics, chemical physics, quantum chemistry, atomic and molecular physics, computational modelling, inorganic and organic chemistry, and biophysics, may benefit from the collaboration with several European groups active in those fields.

In particular, with the following theoretical groups or networks:

  • Dr. Olga Smirnova (Group leader of MBI Theory Group, Berlin),
  • Wim Vanroose(Antwerpen Universiteit, Belgium)
  • Prof. Piero Decleva (Università degli Studi diTrieste, Italy)
  • Prof. Jose Luis Sánz Vicario (Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia)
  • The European COST Action CM0702 “Chemistry with ultrashort pulses and free electron lasers: looking for control strategies through exact computations”
  • The Marie Curie Initial Training Network CORINF (Correlated Multielectron Dynamics in Intense Light Fields)
  • The ESF ERA-Chemistry project “Attosecond imaging and control of correlated electron dynamics in molecules”
  • The European COST Action CM1204 “XUV/X-ray light and fast ions for ultrafast chemistry (XLIC)”

And with the experimental groups of :

  • Prof. Dr. Marc Vrakking MBI Berlin, Germany
  • M. Nisoli, G. Sansone (Milano, Italy)
  • M. Kling (Munich, Germany)
  • D. Dowek, A. Huetz (Paris, France)
  • S. Canton, A. l’Huillier (Lund, Sweden)
  • R. Dörner, H. Schmidt-Böcking (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • J. Ullrich, R. Moshammer (Heidelberg, Germany)
  • L. Cocke (Kansas, USA)
  • A. Belkacem (Berkeley, USA)
  • P. Ranitovic, M. Murnane, H. Kapteyn (Boulder, USA)
  • T. Gay (Nebraska, USA)
  • T. Reddish (Windsor )

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