XChem Hosting Institution, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), has been classed among the 200 best Universities in the world. UAM is very active in scientific research and has been recognized as a Campus of Excellence. It currently hosts 2 Advanced Grant and a Starting Grant project.

XChem project will be mostly developed in a FUJITSU supercomputer with a processing capacity of 27 teraflops, acquired with the support of the ERC Advanced Grant. It is located in the CC-UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid-Computer Center), and managed by university staff. The access to this computer is exclusive to carry out XChem project.

XChem has also access to one of the most powerful High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities in Europe, HPC-Europa, through the Mare Nostrum Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Access to the above-mentioned supercomputer is funded by the project, “Probing molecular nuclear and electron dynamics through ionization induced by attosecond xuv pulses and free electron lasers” (Spanish Supercomputing Network)

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