Phd Position on Theoretical Attosecond Electron Dynamics

CampuS research group at the Universidad Autonoma de Madird ( offers the possibility to develop a research project on Theoretical Attosecond Electron Dynamics, oriented to obtain a PhD diploma, to theoretically investigate the coupled electron and nuclear dynamics induced by attosecond laser pulses and strong electromagnetic fields on small and mid-size molecules, as well as in solids.

The successful applicant shall perform novel theoretical developments and contribute to the implementation of highly parallelized computational tools, access vast technological resources through the European HP Computing Network, and will collaborate with top (theoretical and experimental) research groups in Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics across the world.

In case you have good academic records, programing skills and a mature interest in research, please send us an expression of interest in accordance with the guidelines shown below before July 14th, 2017.

Scholarship details: The fellowship shall cover a 4-years doctoral employment contract and a top up contribution to cover tuition fees and short research stays. The thesis project shall be linked to a nationally funded project with enough resources to cover the participation in international conferences relevant to the research area.

The research group: CampuS theoretical group, led by Prof. Fernando Martín, focuses its research on (i) the theoretical and computational modeling of photoexcitation and photoionization processes in atomic and molecular systems induced by synchrotron radiation and ultrashort laser pulses with femto- and attosecond duration, and (ii) the study and theoretical prediction of properties of materials and nano-objects of complex molecular systems, aggregates and fullerenes, isolated or deposited on metallic and nonmetallic surfaces. This, in close collaboration with prestigious Spanish and international experimental groups.
The quality of the group is reflected by the number and quality of publications in the last ten years: more than 200 papers, among which 3 in Science, 2 in Nature, 1 Chemical Reviews, 1 in Nature Physics, 2 in Nature Chemistry, 1 in Nature Photonics, 2 in Nature Communications, 4 in Proc. of National Academy of Sciences, 1 in NanoLetters, 1 in ACS Nano, 2 in Angewandte Chemie, etc. In 2000, Fernando Martín was awarded the National Research Prize Rey Juan Carlos I, in 2010, the prize of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry in Chemical Physics and in 2011, the Advanced Grant from the European Research Council XCHEM.

Specific call requirements:

Prospect candidates must have (by September 2017) a Bachelor degree in Physics or Chemistry and a post graduate specialization degree (e.g. MSc) in Physics or Chemical Physics; good knowledge of at least one programming language (Fortran 90, C, C++, Python, etc.); knowledge of quantum mechanics, basic electrodynamics, basic atomic, molecular and optical physics; scattering theory and numerical methods; Fluent English; enthusiasm for learning and commitment to teamwork. We will positively value any additional skills in the areas of mathematics, physics and chemistry which are relevant to the offered position.

Guidelines for the submission of expressions of interest:

Interested candidates should send to the projects manager beatriz. a letter of motivation including the names of two referees who can be contacted for references, a CV, and copy of BSc/MSc certificates and academic records. Selected candidates shall be contacted for an interview before the end of the July to agree on the preparation of the scholarship application. Deadline to submit applications is July 14th, 2017.

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