XChem supercomputer inauguration

Today we have inaugurated XChem supercomputer and its hosting facilities at UAM.

The researchers Fernando Martín and Francisco José García Vidal, both awarded with a 2011-ERC-Advanced Grant have presented today the new Fujitsu supercomputers acquired to carry out their projects. Both computers have been funded by the European Research Council and will be hosted and maintained by the UAM-Scientific Computing Center.

The event has been chaired by José Dorronsoro, Vice-Rector for Innovation, Transfer and Technology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, with the participation of Nuria Fernández Monsalve, Vice-Rector for Research, and the Director of UAM-Computing Center, Alberto Luna, who presented its renovated infrastructures.

The two 2011-ERC-AdG awardees presented their funded projects and explained how super-computation is needed to carry out them. PLASMONANOQUANTA project (led by Prof. F.J. García Vidal), aims to work in depth along three ground-breaking lines of research that are at the cutting edge of the current research in Plasmonics: (i) Non-linear phenomena and Plasmonic lasing; (ii) Transformation Optics for Plasmonics and (iii) Quantum Plasmonics

XCHEM project (led by Prof. F. Martín) aims at studying the electronic and coupled electronic-nuclear dynamics in complex molecules at the attosecond or few-femtosecond time-scales, developing concepts and accurate theoretical tools to interpret the new generation of time-resolved experiments and to achieve ultrafast electronic control in chemistry.

The event finished with a guided visit to the UAM-Computation Center.

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