UAM – Shigeru Sasaki in the openning ceremony of UAM-Fujitsu cooperation agreement

Shigeru Sasaki, Vice President of Fujitsu Laboratories inaugurates the UAM-Fujitsu cooperation agreement in Scientific Computing and Big Data.

The activities in relation with UAM-Fujitsu agreement were officially inaugurated past March 17, 2014 with a meeting among representatives from Autonomous University of Madrid, Sciences Faculty, other research centers and universities in Madrid region and Fujitsu.

Shigeru Sasaki, in his lecture “People-centered innovation”, showed the latest developments and research lines being developed by Fujitsu to solve the problems affecting society from the point of view of computing and computer science.
Shigeru Sasaki stressed that the collaboration between UAM and Fujitsu is very important because each country has its own problems and needs their own solutions. This cooperation will lead to significant business opportunities.

This information was published in the University and Sciences Faculty web sites.

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