Cooperation agreement UAM-Fujitsu on Scientific Computing and Big Data

The Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and Fujitsu have signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of the new “Cátedra de Patrocinio” UAM-Fujitsu in Information Technologies, whose main objective is the promotion of education, research and innovation in Computing Science and Supercomputing, within the specific field of Fujitsu products and technologies

The director of this “Cátedra” will be Fernando Martín García, Professor of Physical Chemistry at UAM and principal investigator of XCHEM project, and the deputy director, Alberto Luna Fernández, director of the Center for Scientific Computing of the University (CC-UAM).

The agreement, signed on January 17, will provide a framework to encourage research on scientific computing and Big Data, with efforts to improve the functioning of the Centre for Scientific Computing. Special emphasis will be placed on training, conducting postgraduate teaching activities related to scientific computing and Big Data, both at doctoral and master’s level and in other specialization diplomas .

Source: UAM, Fujitsu, FUAM

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